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Teaching Center

Teaching Center

Junior High School unfortunately is not properly connected with Elementary School and as a result great difficulties arise. Generally students lack critical mind and find it hard to express themselves in writing. They have not learned how to explain and develop their writing and this reflects on their poor grades.

Junior High students:


  • Are fully prepared in all the subjects
  • Have more free time for extra- curricular activities.
  • Learn how to learn constructively.
  • Obtain long term knowledge.Develop abstract ability and thought.
  • Learn to cooperate and communicate in groups.
  • Work autonomously and develop their personal talents.
  • Form a healthy personality.
  • Cultivate their self esteem.
  • Learn to trust themselves.
  • Socialize.

Generally students show improvement from the very first month of participation in the program and as a result are happy and active in the educational process.

How is educational success achieved:

  • First of all, we are neither a study centre nor KDAP! We have a special attitude to teaching which is unique!
  • We explain all the material that the student has been taught but not understood.
  • We use personalized teaching plans and revision tests to ensure success.
  • We rely heavily on frequent reviews to cover lost ground and master new material.
  • We approach systematically and methodically every child’s needs enhancing their talents.
  • Students arrive with their books and study under the supervision of teachers who are university graduates.
  • We work by explaining and supporting along children and with children.

We wish to provide a place where education is the main element, there is respect of individuality, free will is cultivated and self awareness is prepared.

We wish to make studying a way of life! We want children to develop a critical mind and be able to apply knowledge, attitudes, abilities, ideas, relations and practices in Greek education and in their lives in general.

Who is our target group?

  • All the students who want to have solid foundations for the rest of their lives
  • Parents who seek rounded educational development for their children.

Level : Junior High School

Department : Teaching Centre


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