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Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages

Our educational centre places special emphasis on foreign languages and certification both for children and adults.


In our centre we teach English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian. Our aim is knowledge and certification. Our main characteristic is reduced time for certification. We have small groups and we prepare students (depending on their level and needs) for all ASEP approved certificates.




Our educational program is dependent on properly preparing candidates for exams. The candidates choose and deal in subjects that appeal to them in their own place and time.
Our centre is the only certification centre of TIE (Test of Interactive English) (English language certification) in Ioannina. As a result both lessons and exams are completed here. The rest foreign languages are certified in places designated by the respective institutions.

As far as adults, after thorough research in foreign language certificates of English, we chose Test of Interactive English (TIE) because despite the fact that it is the most modern, innovative and friendly, it is the only state certificate of an English speaking country which offers teaching sufficiency (act 2/7-3-2014 of the Council of Private Education Matters of the Ministry of Education and Religion)

For the rest foreign languages adults can take the relevant certification of the respective country or take the Greek KPG.

What is TIE?

TIE is specially designed to learners’ needs who wish to learn or improve their knowledge of the English language. It is addressed to individuals who are learning English in whatever way and the certificate is issued within 20 working days after the exams. Examination is designed in such a way to evaluate the candidates’ communication and interactive skills both in familiar and unfamiliar situations. Therefore we evaluate the candidates’ ability to converse and write while reading and listening skills are examined through the preparation that the candidate undergoes as well as the abilities they possess to communicate effectively during the examination. Candidates receive a certificate which shows their level of English based on the Common European Framework for Languages from the Council of Europe. Performance is measured on what the candidate has achieved therefore there is no fail mark. On the back of the certificate you can find the scale of competence of every individual candidate.

Level : Adults

Department : Teaching Centre


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