Robotics Competitions

Robotics Competitions




The Robotics Academy of the University of Macedonia has participated for many years in the biggest competitions of educational robotics

  • World Competition of LEGO First Lego League
  • World Robotics Olympiad WRO
  • National Robotics Competition WRO Hellas

achieving many distinctions and participations in competitions abroad.

It gives students the opportunity to participate in special preparation programs of teams and distinguish themselves in Greece but also guarantee their participation in tournaments abroad.

Eligible for participation in the competing classes are all Academy students over the age of 8 who will follow a particular preparation program (out of school hours) on pre-arranged days and times. Student preparation starts several weeks before the competition, while each competition sets its own rules (number of children, cost of participation, age groups etc.)




FLL or FIRST LEGO LEAGUE is an international robotics competition for children aged 9 to 16. It has been designed to help children discover and love science and technology in the funniest way in order to gain confidence in their abilities and trust in themselves by teaching them valuable skills for their life. It is conducted in association with the non-profit organization FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and the educational sector of LEGO and it has been held every year since 1998 in more than 80 countries worldwide.

In 2013-2014 the completion was held for the first time in Greece by the non-profit organization eduACT (Action for the Education) with great success and it is held every year in March in Thessaloniki, while it has also been held in Cyprus and Bulgaria.


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The non-profit Organization of Educational Robotics and Science WRO Hellas in the main administrator of educational robotics competitions in Greece and South-east Europe. Moreover, as member of the World Robot Olympiad Association (National Organizer) WRO Hellas is the official organizer of the Education Robotics Olympiad WRO™ for Greece, through which the teams that will participate in the World Robot Olympiad ™  are distinguished.

Through these competitions we strive to incorporate educational robotics and generally the STEM methodology (Science- Technology- Engineering- Mathematics) in the educational system.

Educational Robotics Competitions



WRO Hellas organizes two distinct competitions for all educational levels: the National Educational Robotics Competition (October-March) and the Educational Robotics Olympiad (March-July)

The teams that will qualify in the Educational Robotics Olympiad WRO™ will comprise the Greek Olympics Team that will take part in the World Robot Olympiad.




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